Office of Marketing and Brand Management

The USM Logo

让使用和清晰的沟通的一致性,南缅因州标志的大学应该在任何市场营销或宣传材料出现至少一次。任何使用列标记或大学的名称超出核定的标志用法注意以下或 USM Brand Book must be reviewed and approved by marketing.

For complete guidelines on using the USM logo, please refer to the USM Brand Book502 Bad Gateway see below.

IMPORTANT: 不改变标志的比例,旋转或包括标志或较大的图像标志的一部分。标志应当清楚地可读的并且没有被分成部分,印刷在除了那些在所找到的其他颜色组合 USM Brand Book, or combined as art with text.

For assistance downloading logo files, please review our help document